Florian Lahitte

Web Developer Freelance

Who I am ?

Hi, my name is Florian Lahitte, I’m a web developer and I enjoy working in a fast-paced technological environment with new web challenges. I’m really glad to present you my world.

I enjoy writing codes, making web apps, CSS3 animations, responsive microsites, learning new things..If you want to raise up your business via your e-reputation and web presence, your are at the right place.

You don’t know anything about where and how to start your web project? Don’t have the time to do it? Don’t worry, i will help and support you with intuitive and responsive solutions to scale your business up.

What I can do for you

Server and Database

I configure all the basic elements of your website: Servers, Databases, User Management…

Website & Web App

Design the site architecture based on your functional specifications and your desired user experience.

UX/UI Design

Simple and intuitive interface, user-friendly, responsive and pretty, it is my job to make you enjoy your experience and help you to catch your audience.

My Services

I have a wide range of skills on web creation with favorite languages offering you a multitude of possibilities.

Ruby / Javascript

Blogs, Social networks, e-commerce site, API … those languages are here to create what you imagine. Flexible and robust languages adapted to your needs.

Ruby on Rails / Node.js

Ruby on Rails and Node.js are frameworks used to produce websites. To give you an idea, companies like Twitter or Airbnb use it.

MySQL / PostgreSQL

Store, share information in a database, guarantee the quality, durability and confidentiality of information, while hiding the complexity of operations.


Whether it’s web page structuring, color, size, font and client-side interface, these languages allow me to realize the graphical structure of your site.


Wordpress is a Content Management System (CMS) with a set up of your dashboard. You will be able to change your content as you wish.

GitHub / GitLab

Through this code versioning software, you never lose your prior art and can go back to earlier versions. This secures the development of your projects.